Sparkly shoes & Kindness day 2017 – you’re invited

Ruby Slippers from the Wizard of Oz

Six months after Zoe died, I wanted to do something to mark her birthday, on April 4th, and The Angel Zoe Kindness Project was born. That year I invited people to carry out an act of kindness in Zoe’s name, people told me what they had done and we attached each story to a helium balloon and released them at the beach.

I was inspired to keep the spirit of the project going, which I have done with more energy and focus at some times than others!

Last year, Zoe’s birthday became Sparkly shoes & Kindness day, inspired by this blog post – Always wear the sparkly shoes – a life lesson. This year it’s happening again.

So on April 4th, I invite you to take a moment to celebrate small joys by doing something like wearing sparkly shoes (or doing something else that has meaning for you) and carrying out a random act of kindness. You can spreaId the word by posting on the facebook page, posting in the facebook event, or messaging me privately if you want to be anonymous.

Or… you can do it just for you, quietly, no fanfare, just because. The thing is to simply take a moment to reflect on small joys and small kindnesses.

You can find inspiration here and here or in what people did last year here.

Find some cute little printables to help you out here.

Kindness is contagious – pass it on!

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2 thoughts on “Sparkly shoes & Kindness day 2017 – you’re invited

  1. Hello Kiri your Daughter’s story is incredible and awesome. I am mummy myself and would love to have the prevelage to add you on my Facebook friends I lost 3 babies via misscarriages and I have surviving daughter who’s born ” non verbal servere autism she’s 17 years old. I have one pregnancy 2018 on the way and I am looking for individuals that are in my view ” Special
    Mummies like yourself ” Kindest regards,


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    • Hi Aurora, I’m so sorry to hear about your losses and the challenges your daughter has. I hope 2018 brings you some joy, though I know it can be bittersweet.


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