The Angel Zoe Kindness Project

Zoe died of relapsed cancer on the 29th of September 2012 at the age of six and a half and I started the project to honour Zoe on what would have been her 7th birthday in April 2013,
by asking people to carry out an act of kindness, big or small in honour of Zoe. We did a balloon release with each act of kindness that was shared here or on our Facebook page tied to a balloon. You can read about it here.

We decided to carry on with the project as a way of continuing to honour Zoe’s memory and to pay forward all of the kindness we received during her illness.

You can join in

Anyone can join in the project by carrying out an act of kindness. You don’t have to have known Zoe  – we are all touched and connected by loss of many kinds and by kindness given and received.

If you would like to share your part in the project, you can post a comment here or post pictures and stories on our Facebook page. You can use the hashtag #theangelzoekindnessproject on instragram and twitter. If your kindness is in memory of someone else, please mention their name.
Sharing is not essential – feel free to be kind anytime!

Why this project?

Zoe was very kind person, with a strong sense of empathy. Helping others was important to her.
I believe and hope that sharing it here will help to spread the kindness.
Through Zoe’s illness and treatment, while she was in remission, during her relapse and after her death, we have been overwhelmed by many kindnesses, big and small. We need to pay it forward.
Opening myself to simply accept kindness when it is offered has made me a kinder person and helped me to keep my eyes open to the good in the world. I want to be part of doing that for others.
The world could do with more kindness and sometimes it will make the biggest difference to those who don’t see it very often.

Click here for some ideas for small Acts of Kindness

Button angels to go

Noticed someone being kind? Click here to nominate them to receive a button angel.

Thanks for reading, you can leave any thoughts here...

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