Ideas for acts of kindness

  • Pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you
  • Make a thank you card for volunteers or first responders in your community – firefighters, librarians, the people working at your local charity shop etc
  • Anonymously deliver some home baking to a busy mum
  • Pay a compliment to a stranger who looks like they’re having a bad day
  • Print out some colouring pages from the internet, staple them into booklets and deliver to hospital waiting rooms with dollar shop crayons
  • Donate your skills or time to a charity that you feel passionate about – or bake some cupcakes for those who already are
  • Write a handwritten note for your child’s teacher about the great job they’re doing
  • Let a stressed out stranger jump the queue in front of you in the supermarket
  • Donate blood
  • Smile at the person who cut you off in traffic
  • Give someone you appreciate flowers for no reason – maybe with a little note to tell them why they’re so important to you
  • Take the time to chat with or compliment a colleague you don’t usually interact with much
  • Thank your bus driver with a chocolate bar
  • Take some craft supplies to your local kindergarten
  • Print out a Free Compliments poster – or make up your own. Pin it up in your lunchroom, on public noticeboards, on your fridge

Here are some printable labels you can download and write on.

Here are more ideas from all of the people who did something for Zoe’s 7th birthday, six months after she died. (A little disclaimer. At this time we did this I thought that biodegradable balloons and raffia were ok, but now I don’t, as sea life often eat them before they degrade).

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