Up, up and away – balloon release for the Angel Zoe Kindness Project

Here are all the things people have told us they did for The Angel Zoe Kindness Project, with photos of the balloon release at the end.

Olivia made cookies for Ronald MacDonald House.

Cookies for the Angel Zoe Kindness Project

Izania spread the kindness by asking friends to perform random acts of kindness for her birthday
Isobel paid for three other year 3 children to do a math workshop with her birthday money.
Wendy gave some home baking to a neighbour who wasn’t well.
Kiri put scented soaps into random lockers at the gym with a little note.
Bridget gave her neighbour’s builder a pineapple upside down cake for his afternoon tea.
Anonymous: “My neighbour is returning from Oz next week, recently separated and feeling sad. When I thought about what I could do to brighten her return home I thought of colour and flowers. When I see pictures of Zoe there is always colour so I decided to fill her empty planters with colourful flowers with an angel touch :)”
Nola sponsored two runners in the Relay for Life, raising money for the Cancer Society in memory of Angel Zoe.
Kiri: A wee surprise and a thank you note for the flag lady at the very busy crossing on Meola Road, where she often gets abuse from motorists while making sure the children get across safely.

The Angel Zoe Kindness Project

Kelcey: I made my borther’s bed for him this morning.
Anonymous: This week an elderly friend is moving out of her house to look after builders who will be giving her a new kitchen and bathroom, shouted to her from her wonderful daughter and son in law. She is worried because she has to feed them and unsure what to do. So am making Lasagne and fish pie that she can pop in her oven and claim as her own. Hope I get it right and it will impress.
Janine says: We were at the airport and gave our express passes to a couple with little babies when the wait was over an hour . They were so shocked ( and happy )
Tania says: Paid for a stranger’s petrol when their card had declined. Also this year am paying it forward to five people. So far this year I have given two people lovely scarves and hand cream.
Ivelina Velkova Dear Angel Zoe (And family)! I have been following your story (or should I say picture-story) through Mistral photography! This beauty of yours will FOREVER live on! You are so inspirational and have truly touched many! For my act of kindness – well I will be opening my own foundation offering complimentary photography terminally ill children and their families. I have been trying to do this for some time through the many charities in Auckland (unfortunately have been turned down every time!), so also after seeing this I thought WHY NOT? I can tell these images of you will forever remain with your family! I too have been given a gift of photography and would love nothing more than to help these families capture precious moments! Thank you for your inspiration! I am sure you are greatly missed by everyone who has come across your gorgeous smile! Rest in peace gorgeous girl! xx
Kiri: randomly bought a coffee for someone at work.
Julia: This adorable fella called Monty got abandoned in a drained swimming pool for 2 weeks by his old owners when they moved to the South Island. After being rescued & living with a lovely lady from Waiheke for 5 months, he needed a new forever home. Thanks for helping him find us Zoe.

Adopting a dog for The Angel Zoe Kindness Project

Mildie: bought someone who needed a boost a coffee
Harri bought an organic fruit and vege box for juicing for her sick friend (for Angel Lowri)
Izania: I treated my friends daughter Phoebe Chrish Johnson to angel meditation tonight – I’d like to dedicate helping her connect with her angels and fairies to Zoe’s kindness project x
Kiri: Dropped off some little treats for the volunteers working in our local Mercy Hospice shop. Last year for the promotion where you voted for which charities receive money from Z stations, Zoe chose this charity.
Anonymous: Gave a lift to a backpacker who had a long walk along an industrial road yesterday, in memory of Zoe.
Olivia: spent the afternoon cooking dinner for the Ronald Mcdonald House Wellington, was a great thing to do. 🙂
Kiri: Watered my neighbour’s chili plants while he was away recuperating from being in hospital
Stuart Wilson I was in tekapo for the weekend with a freind and as we were leaving to head home it started to rain.. We saw two hitchhikers who were heading in the other direction. we turned around picked them up and took them an hour out of our way. Made their day and kept them dry 🙂
A friend in my bereaved families group says: I have been working on my random acts of kindness and my best one yet (well I hope) is myself and my friend sent some lotto/big wednesday/scratch tickets and a cheer up card to our dear friends sister up north whose farm is suffering dreadfully from the drought. She was absolutely blown away. Just hope she wins something! (For Angel Tanisha)
Lauren: Made a $100 donation to Leukaemia & Blood Cancer Foundation fund raiser that Jana Richardson is doing as a nz fire fighter by climbing up sky tower. (In memory of Zoe, Josh and Leo)
Nyk topped up somebody’s mobile phone when they couldn’t afford to.
A friend made an extra big donation to CCF
A friend donated some ballet gear for some aspiring dancers at Starship

For kids at Starship The Angel Zoe Kindness Project

Kiri:  I gave a chocolate bar to the security guard who gave me a big smile while I was rushing to a conference.
Kiri: I gave some small gifts to the two gentlemen collecting for Child Cancer Foundation at St Lukes
Jen paid the overdue fine for a little girl at the video shop – she says she would have paid 10 x for the smile!
Anonymous says: My friend had spent 6 months talking about getting a new job and never got around to it. One day I banged on her door and offered my services, we found a job, typed and printed the cover letter etc. she got an interview was offered the job. Next week she starts her new job, more money, closer to home, more responsibility, opportunity to use her expertise. She now goes around singing ‘ I’m on top of the world, looking down on creation……..’. She’s one happy lady, as she deserves to be.
Anonymous says: I played with a little boy at the beach to give his parents timeout from his demands. I didn’t know them but they enjoyed the opportunity to relax.
Anonymous says: I helped an elderly lady to read the bus timetable and took the time to ensure she found the right bus.
Izania gave a donation to a teenage cancer trust in Zoe’s name.
Kiri: Left a little kindness pack in the back of someone’s car while they were trying to fix it on the road.

The Angel Zoe Kindness Project

Anonymous made chocolate chip and apple cinnamon muffins for a dinner her neighbour’s church does for homeless, needy and lonely people each month.
Sheila and her boys made 34 busy books for their local children’s hospital waiting room.
Kiri: Gave a kindness pack to an elderly lady having a cup of tea in her front garden.
Grace: On Wednesday my school had a international foodcourt and I bought out the sushi store and had them give away the sushi.
Louise Graafhuis and family: Today fish and chips were taken to the life guards on patrol at Whangamata Surf Life Saving Club. They were told they were from an Angel.
Carol Maynard: My 9 year old daughter loves animals too so when we heard the local SPCA were desperate for puppy and kitten food we decided that would be our act of kindness. Over the last few weeks we have added a can or two to our shopping and stored it up. Today we delivered it complete with an Angel Zoe card taped to the top. When we got back in the car afterwards my daughter said ‘Cool – can we do that again?’ 🙂

Kiri: Left kindness packs at two bus stops
Kiri: Left a kindness pack in the half open doorway of the local fish & chip shop
Mildie sent flowers to someone who needed cheering up
Meg and Noah Douglas Although we didn’t know Zoe personally, we have been touched and inspired by her story and the wonderful acts of kindness you share. For her birthday today, we mailed out various cards and postcards thanking people for services or sending cheerful messages to those who can use it. Thank you for letting us be a part of this special day. Happy birthday, Zoe!
Kiri baked cupcakes for the staff of wards 27 A & B and Starship Foundation staff

Cupcakes for The Angel Zoe Kindness Project
Kiri gave kindness packs to the palliative care team and paediatric home care
Kiri gave a kindness pack to the lady who did her facial. The lady asked for more of the printable cards so she could join in and tell people about the project.
Kate says: I thought about Zoe a lot while we were away. Every time we flew over Palm Oil Kernel plantations I thought how sad it was that the jungle was being destroyed and the devastating impact it has on wildlife. In some ways humans are like cancer to the orangutans. I started to think about Zoe, and how through her short but special life she taught so many of us so much. I will never be able to find a cure for cancer, but I can do my bit to stop the “cancer” that is destroying orangutans. So, our family are sponsoring little intinban. He’s 3, and I hope that he will make it through to have a family of his own, and I hope, that through raising our childrens awareness we can do our part to change the future through trying very hard not to consume palm oil.

We tied the acts of kindness to raffia to go on the balloons

The Angel Zoe Kindness Project

We blew up a LOT of balloons

The Angel Zoe Kindness Project

There was a special bunch dedicated to friends’ angel children

The Angel Zoe Kindness Project

We took them down to the beach

Zoe’s friends wrote messages on some of them


They all tangled in the wind so we sent them to heaven together (a reminder we are a part of each other)


And as we watched them go, we thought of the special angel who inspired this project

Happy Birthday Angel Zoe


5 thoughts on “Up, up and away – balloon release for the Angel Zoe Kindness Project

  1. This is beautiful. So many acts of kindness in a world that can be so cruel and selfish. We release balloons for my mom – on Mother’s Day, on her birthday, on the anniversary of her death, and sometimes just whenever I want my mom to know I am thinking of her.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Courtney, I know you know the cruelty of cancer all too well, but I think we can beat it even when we don't beat it by choosing to carry on living in a way that would make our angels proud.


  3. So wonderful, Kiri. The whole Angel Zoe kindness project is amazing. And I just loved all the birthday photos.
    Even though it's cold, I'm sitting here with a nice warm glow, after reading this post.
    Hugs to you, my friend.


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