You’re invited: Sparkly Shoes & Kindness Day

A day for being kind while wearing sparkly shoes.

What is Sparkly Shoes & Kindness day?

Spreading kindness in the world however your choose. While wearing sparkly shoes of course (or some other sparkly accoutrements of your choice). And everyone’s invited!


Monday 4th April, wherever you are in the world.


To celebrate what would have been my daughter Zoe’s 10th birthday (she died at six).

And because I believe you should #alwayswearthesparklyshoes. I wrote about it here, and it’s one of my most read and shared posts (feel free to share again!)

Find out about The Angel Zoe Kindness Project

Visit the facebook page

Check out the event on facebook

Need some ideas for kindness?

Some here. And some more here.

And here are some cute printables to use


If you’re sharing the event or posting about your sparkles and kindness, use the hashtags #alwayswearthesparklyshoes #theangelzoekindnessproject #sparklyshoesday

16 thoughts on “You’re invited: Sparkly Shoes & Kindness Day

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss of Zoe…her facial features are very similar to my great nephew’s, he just turned 6 and as adorable as Zoe. I too will wear special shoes and spread kindness on Monday to honor Zoe and all that you are are doing. My Mom had cancer twice, breast cancer, recurring 18 years after the first occurrence, she is cancer free now after having had two mastectomies. I wish you comfort and peace!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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