A tap on the shoulder from the universe

Monarch butterfly

In the couple of years following Zoe’s death, I wouldn’t have recognised inspiration or an idea if it hit me over the head, let alone tapped me on the shoulder. I did manage to resurrect my half forgotten blog and tortuously express some thoughts in writing, but it didn’t particularly feel like inspiration, or a message from the universe. It felt more like a desperate and visceral compulsion to make sense of what had happened and communicate my pain.

But right now, the the universe does seem to be telling me something. I think it’s to write more, which I haven’t been doing much of recently – one new post in three months.

Last week The Daily Post included an excerpt from one of my posts in their one of theirs, Creating (the physical and mental) space to write, which clearly I haven’t done recently. The response from a reader reminded me of one reason I write, or at least one of the reasons I publish what I write. Continue reading

Telling Zoe her cancer is back

Yesterday Zoe became very quiet, withdrawn and scared. She was overwhelmed with all the attention and didn’t want to talk to anyone in the family or have anyone around.

I had a really good talk to the child psychotherapist on the palliative care team after reading through the notes I put on http://www.touchpoint.org.nz from a presentation she had given.
One of the key things she said is that for a child, a sad truth is better than a mis-truth.

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