The kindness chronicles #1

A few things about kindness that recently caught my eye from around the internet. Some I have already posted on my facebook page.

Choosing kindness when everyone else walked away

These young men stayed behind to care for elderly residents with nowhere to go in a rest home that closed down unexpectedly. Click the photo to hear the story in their own words.

Two young men who made a difference

Dancing his way to kindness

This young man posted a video of himself dancing with his grandma that went viral. Here’s the interview he did about it afterwards – his wise words embody everyday kindness.

And here’s the original video that went viral.


The link between compassion and happiness.

Here’s an and excerpt from an article on Psychology Today summarising how study after study is confirming that happiness and compassion are inextricable linked.

A closer look at our own experiences as well as research data suggests that the secret to lasting happiness does not lie in any goods, relationships or achievements, but rather in what we can give: not just material gifts, but gifts of time, gifts of love, gifts of ourselves. Compassion and service don’t just make us happy but they also have a host of other associated benefits and may even contribute to a longer life.

Click here to read the whole article.

#1000 voices for compassion

This month the theme for this group of bloggers was also the link between happiness and compassion. Click here to take a look at some of the posts.

Easter at the Angel Zoe Kindness Project

Finally here’s a photo of some of the Easter eggs I gave away for The Angel Zoe Kindness Project. One encounter while doing this got me thinking… a new post might follow.

The Angel Zoe Kindness Project giving away some Easter eggs.

The kindness chronicles is an occasional series of posts for The Angel Zoe Kindness Project.

2 thoughts on “The kindness chronicles #1

  1. I think kindness, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness are all awesome feelings. there is so much healing, so much love, and so much happiness coming of them. human ego is certainly a tough thing to go around, but we all can try and somehow achieve these. thanks for the post that reminded me to try to be kinder.

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