Why I’ll be eating ice-cream for breakfast on the 18th February

I’m sharing this post from last year to invite you all to eat ice-cream for breakfast on the 18th February.
I’m planning to, come back and tell me if you do too! You can also use the hashtags #icecreamforbreakfast and #kidsgetcancer too on social media networks.

Retro Girl & the Chemo Kid

There will be people around the world eating ice-cream for breakfast on 18th February. And despite being in two minds about cancer awareness campaigns, I’m going to be one of them. Here’s why.


Generally I prefer charity activities that raise money for their causes over “awareness” campaigns that seem to do little other than make people feel good about participating.

I am planning on supporting Eat Ice-cream for Breakfast Day though. It doesn’t raise money. It doesn’t have an ice-cream company as a corporate sponsor. Yes, it is an awareness campaign for childhood cancer, motivated by remembering a little girl called Malia but it’s asking something a little bit different from you too.

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4 thoughts on “Why I’ll be eating ice-cream for breakfast on the 18th February

  1. This is such a touching post, I needed this. How silly is it that while so many people have such short lives, we live ours being stressed and forgetting the little things? I’d love to participate in this one. I’m curious though – why are you okay with this “awareness” campaign if you don’t usually do these? Is it only because it’s an issue that is close to home? I hope I’m not prying.


    • Yes it is close to home, you can read why on my about page. But it’s for the exact reason you’ve said, it’s not just about childhood cancer it’s about making time for and appreciating the small joys while we can.

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