So you can live on fejoas and hot chocolate

Zoe had a fantastic blood count yesterday! Her white cell count is 60 and incredibly her platelets are normal! That means she is up for some company her own size this weekend, which I’m sure she will be delighted with.
She has also put on 600g, the 400 she lost since her first biopsy, plus 200. This is due to the naso-gastric feeds, since all she’s been living on is feijoas and hot cholocate.
Unfortunately she accidentally pulled her NG tube out last night and putting in back in is a very yukky process. Changing the plaster that keeps it on her face was bad enough. If she makes signs of eating well today we might try to leave it til after the weekend.
We are hoping for her to catch up with 3 little friends and have a zoo visit too.

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